In order to include IBscanner in your application you need to have a valid development license installed or to use the demo version.

Make a reference in your project to the assembly file:

Create an instance of the BarcodeScanner class.

BarcodeScanner ibscanner = new BarcodeScanner();

Set up the scanner properties depending on your project requirements. The default values for example enable all of the supported codes while in your project you could need only a few of them and disabling the rest will speed up the processing.

ibscanner.Code128.IsEnabled = true;


In case you will use multithread mode (EnableMultiThreading = true by default) for the processing of the image document you will need to subscribe to the OnScanningCompleted event in order to get back to the result when the processing finishes.

ibscanner.OnScanningCompleted += new BarcodeScanner.ScanningCompletedEventHandler(ibscanner_OnScanningCompleted);

Call one of the document loading methods depending on your image document source to initiate the processing:



Class reference

BarcodeScanner() Creates a new instance of the class.
DisableAllCodeTypes() Disables all the code types from processing.
EnableAllCodeTypes() Enables all of the supported code types for processing.
ReadFromBitmap(Bitmap) Loads the image document from a Bitmap object and processes it.
ReadFromFile(string) Loads the image document from a file path and processes it.
For example:
ReadFromStream(MemoryStream) Loads the image document from a memory stream and processes it.
For example:
ibscanner.ReadFromUrl(new MemoryStream(imageBytes));
ReadFromUrl(string) Loads the image document from URL address and processes it.
For example:
Dictionary BarcodesList Reference to the list of the barcodes found in the processed document. Each barcode is represented by its Code, Type and Center Location.
Bitmap  ScannedImage Gets a reference to the processed image.
ScanningModes ScanningMode Sets the reading intelligence level. If the image document has a bad quality then use the higher level, where Best is the highest / most advanced algorithm but in takes longer time. Set up this level depending on the quality of your images.
bool  EnableMultiThreading If set to true the processing of the document will use all the cores of the CPU. It is set to true by default.
string  LicenseStatus Gets the IBscanner license status. Returns OK if the license is properly installed.
BarcodeTypes Code39
BarcodeTypes Code128
BarcodeTypes EAN13
Reference to the specific barcode type. Use each of them to turn off/on the barcodes that are not expected in your documents and this way you can speed up the processing.
OnScanningCompleted Fires when the processing is finished.
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